Absenteeism Policy

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Absenteeism Policy by Mind Map: Absenteeism Policy

1. Types of Absences

1.1. Callin

1.1.1. Filed within [24-48] hours prior to shift Call Text Email

1.1.2. [3] Callins = [1] AWOL = [2] UTO Credits

1.1.3. Documentation not required - Less than [2] days

1.1.4. Documentation required - More than [2] days Hospitalization Death in Family Natural Calamity/Disaster Regional/National Power Outage Regional/National Internet Outage

1.2. Leave of Absence (LOA)

1.2.1. Filed more than [48] hours prio to shift When I Work

1.2.2. Documention not required - Less than [2] days

1.2.3. Documentation required - More than [2] days

1.2.4. [1] LOA = [1] UTO Credit

1.2.5. Scorecard unaffected

1.3. Absence w/o Leave (AWOL)

1.3.1. No prior notice

1.3.2. No available UTO credits

1.3.3. [1] Awol = [2] UTO Credits

1.3.4. Scorecard affected

2. Unpaid Time Off (UTO)

2.1. Phase II - III

2.1.1. Credits: 1 Call Iin

2.2. Phase IV

2.2.1. Credits: 3 UTO [Resets after 12 months of effective date]

2.3. Staffed

2.3.1. Credits: 6 UTO [Resets after 12 months of effective date]

3. FAQ

3.1. Q:Do I need to text/call/email if I file LOA? A: No need, just for callins

3.2. Q: When can I avail my UTO credits? A: Effective date of UTO credits is 10/4/2021

3.3. Q: How do I check my available UTO credits? A: Inquire through When I Work chat support or checkin channel through slack

3.4. Q: What If I am not able to file LOA? A: It will count against your credits and be considered as AWOL = [2] UTO credits

3.5. Q: What If I am out credits? A: Absences will affect your scorecard negatively. Multiple AWOL's w/o UTO credits will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of contract, at the discretion of management.

3.6. Q: How do I reset my UTO credits? A: Credits gets reset after 12 months of effectivity date or position appraisal.