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Questionnaire by Mind Map: Questionnaire

1. Security

1.1. How is data stored on your platform?

1.2. What security steps does your company take?

1.3. Do you allow Multi-Tenant Instances?

1.4. What type of User Governance options do you offer?

2. Price

2.1. What does this service cost?

2.2. Do we have the option of paying by monthly or yearly?

3. Integration

3.1. What are the other platforms with which your service is compatible?

3.2. If these platforms offer some version of your service, what separates you from them?

4. Upside

4.1. What is the expected ROI of this service?

4.2. Does this service enhance lead production?

4.3. Does this service enhance conversion percentage?

4.4. What problem does this solve?

4.5. What are the most common use cases?

4.6. What is your key value proposition?

5. Types of Software

5.1. CRM

5.2. Sales Engagement/Automation

5.3. Conversation Analytics

5.4. Telephony

5.5. Contact/Lead Sourcing

5.6. Social Selling

5.7. Video Conferencing

5.8. Chat Platform

5.9. Project/Task Management

5.10. Marketing Automation Tools