The Victorian Age 1837-1901


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The Victorian Age 1837-1901 by Mind Map: The Victorian Age 1837-1901

1. who dealt with social and humanitarian themes

2. many different genres:

2.1. philosopical

2.2. psychological

2.3. historical

2.4. sentimental

2.5. adventurous

3. it was an age of CONTRADDICTION

4. Negative aspects

4.1. pollution

4.2. Bad condition of poorer people and workers

4.2.1. Workhouses: institution that host poor who had chosen to give up family life in return for basic suppport.

4.3. Lack of Higenic condition

5. Positive aspects

5.1. The industrial revolution

5.2. Thecnological advantages

5.3. Economical progress

5.4. The Great Exhibition

6. The victorian compromise:

6.1. morality

6.2. prudery

6.3. respectability

6.4. charity

6.5. philantrophy

7. An age of social and political reforms

7.1. 1832: First Reform Act

7.2. 1833: The Factory Act

7.3. 1834: The Poor Law Amendment Act

7.4. 1846: Abolition of the corn laws

7.5. 1867: The Second Reform Act

7.6. 1872: Ballot Act

8. Queen Victoria

8.1. She became queen at the age of 18

8.2. in 1840 she married Albert (a german prince)

8.2.1. they had nine child

8.2.2. when he died she retired to private lfe Their family became a model of respectability

8.3. She has little power in political decision but she represented:

8.3.1. the sense of duty and respectability

9. Literature: the novel

9.1. The literary genre which best represents the ethical, religious value of the age

9.2. it is the most valid instrument in literature for the representation of human condition in the modern world

10. Novel spread for several reasons:

10.1. could be read and understood by simple people

10.2. protagonists belong to middle class

10.3. novel was like a MIRROR which reflected society and made possible the self-identification of readers

11. Early victorian writers

12. (1812-170) Charles Dikens

12.1. Oliver twist