Drive-IN Restaurant

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Drive-IN Restaurant by Mind Map: Drive-IN Restaurant

1. Efficient For Customers

1.1. Park In There Cars And Get Served

2. Unique For UK (USP)

2.1. -Quality Food At A Quality Pace

2.2. -Could Have An Atmosphere Around It

2.3. -Convenient To The Customers

3. Is The Weather An Issue?

3.1. Very Different to American Forecast

3.1.1. Could Be A Turn-off

4. Mass Market

4.1. Everyone Enjoys Food,Wide Range Of Customers

5. Could Have A Theme

5.1. -American

5.2. -Mexican

5.3. -All Foods

5.4. (Add Our Unique Spin On The American Version)

5.4.1. Could Be Good As We Have Different Consumers to America

5.4.2. Could Be Risky, If We Know The American Model Works

6. Roller skating

6.1. GOOD: It Adds The Circus Appeal To It

6.2. Bad: People Can Fall Over, Looks Stupid, British Public WIll Mock. Could Slip In The Winter