Auxilo Support Desk

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Auxilo Support Desk by Mind Map: Auxilo Support Desk

1. Who

1.1. Customer

1.2. Loan Applicant

1.3. Other

2. Where

2.1. Direct

2.1.1. Organised Channel Website Customer Portal Customer Support Page Location Based Feedback Landing Page Inbound Call Central Number Local Office

2.1.2. Unorganised Channel Email Box Email from Registered Loan Customer Email Social Inbox and Pages Email from an unregistered Email

2.2. Indirect

2.2.1. Reviews or complaints on Forums

3. What

3.1. Service Request to Support Desk

3.1.1. Support Served Change in Repayment Type Change in Tenure Change in Repayment Amount EMI Date Change Request Change in Interest Rate Change in Moratorium Change of Communication Address Change Digital Coordinates Email Mobile Swap Loan Collateral / Security FD Premature Withdrawal for Prepayment Request for List of Documents Submitted Top Up Loan Others

3.2. Complaints or Grievance

3.2.1. Follows Grievance Protocol

3.3. Non Service Led Requests

3.3.1. Feedbacks

3.3.2. Compliments

3.3.3. Other Requests on Pages like Media and Investor Sections

3.3.4. CsAt Response

4. Resolution

4.1. Who

4.1.1. Ticket Raiser Self Generated Ticket by Customer Tele / Chat Agent Local Front Desk Reputation Monitoring for Unorganised and Indirect Channels

4.1.2. Resolving Teams Service Request Operations Grievances Grievance Management Team Operations Feedback and Compliments Management Marketing Team

4.2. Dangling Tickets

4.3. TAT Policies by Task

4.4. Escalation

4.5. Resolution Action

4.6. Ticket Status Communication and Closure to Customer

4.7. Feedback or CSAT