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Legal by Mind Map: Legal

1. Working with insurance companies to reduce insurance premiums, linking to social performance (H&S, DnI, net zero). Holding roundtables, leveraging clients in 3 way types of collaborative contracts.

2. Clients & subcontractors

2.1. How we can deliver MEP package based on 'Product-as-a-service' model.

2.2. Contractually leverage 'internal carbon price' of developers (GPE, Crown Estate) to financially investitive the supply chain for low carbon solutions.

3. Driving performance and innovation

3.1. The industry is advocating retaining existing structure in lieu of demolishing. Planning is being lobbied to discontinue consent for demolition. How do we contractually & from an insurance perspective absorb risk associated with an existing stracture.

3.2. Impact of low carbon materials/product-as-a-service' delivery models on client insurances

4. Day to day

4.1. General support: updating, policies, supply chain charter, MSA, remediation

4.2. Issuing letters and regular updates to the SC on key environmental items

5. Influence

5.1. 1. Influencing key bodies ie. NEC, UKGBC, BuildUK and JCT contracts to include incentives for low carbon solutions/net zero operations. 2.

5.2. Holding roundtables with clients, insurance companies and/or SC legal teams on key social and environmental issues to raise awareness and deliver an industry response to Brexit, modern slavery, COP26, UK's Net Zero Carbon aspirations.