Page Module Improvement

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Page Module Improvement by Mind Map: Page Module Improvement

1. Performance

1.1. Vertical Bundle

1.1.1. Enable Tree Shaking support Add a "sideEffects" property to package.json file. Use ES2015 module syntax

1.2. Library Bundle

1.2.1. React UI Remove Lottie Library Is there any issue to upgrade > v4.1.8 ? Optimize Icon component Update Passport Icon Migrate local icon to passport icon

1.2.2. React Component Remove Lottie Library Listing down all the animation components Migrate lottie animation to another format (svg/gif/mp4) Remove Icons component Discuss with DS team regarding removal plan Need coordination to the FE teams

1.2.3. Optimize usage of moment js

1.2.4. Take a look peer dependencies opportunities

2. SEO/Server Side Rendering

2.1. implement react-ssr-prepass

2.1.1. Update useRequest hooks to throw promise

2.1.2. Need to implement await ssrPrepass(element) in the vertical side