Geriatric Nursing Program

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Geriatric Nursing Program by Mind Map: Geriatric Nursing Program

1. Internal Frame Factors

1.1. Mission Philosophy and Goals of the Parent Institution

1.1.1. The mission and purpose of the program would be to educate nursing students interested in Geriatric nursing to help better serve the community.

1.2. Internal Economic Situation and Influence of the Curriculum

1.2.1. A current nursing program current funding could aid in funding this program

1.2.2. What is the current financial states of the organization?

1.2.3. What external support systems would be beneficial to this program?

1.3. Resources within the Institution and Nursing Program

1.3.1. What are current resources available at existing nursing schools to help aid the implication of this program?

1.3.2. Would universities be more properly funded to start a new program?

1.3.3. What are some educational supplements that would be available to staff and faculty?

1.3.4. What financial aid programs are available?

1.4. Existing and Potential Faculty and Student Characteristics

1.4.1. What are the current nursing students interests?

1.4.2. Would the current nursing students in a program be interested in geriatric nursing?

1.4.3. Do the current faculty have the education and knowledge to educate on the given topics of the program?

2. External Frame Factors

2.1. Community

2.1.1. Elderly Community in SWFL

2.1.2. Is there a need for Geriatric Nurses?

2.1.3. Are there nursing students interested in geriatric nursing?

2.2. Demographics

2.2.1. There is a large population of elderly and retired individuals in the community.

2.2.2. Are there nursing students interested?

2.3. Health Care System

2.3.1. Is there a large enough interest to benefit the health care system?

2.3.2. The major health care systems in SWFL are Lee Health, The Veterans Administration, and Hospice which are mainly non-profit

2.3.3. Health care agencies that are volunteer and are run by nurses

2.4. Academic setting

2.4.1. Multiple nursing programs in the area

2.4.2. Bachelors degree programs, masters degree, and associates degree nursing programs are in the area

2.4.3. There are a lot of students looking for nursing programs in the area which results in wait lists at some programs

2.5. The need

2.5.1. There is a large population of elderly individuals in the area that require nursing care

2.5.2. There is a nursing shortage in the area resulting in inadequate staffing ratios in local hospitals

2.5.3. There are not many nurses that are interested in the geriatric nursing leaving nursing homes often understaffed with high patient numbers for existing nurses

2.6. Nursing Profession

2.6.1. What professional nursing programs are available locally?

2.7. Regulations and Accreditation Requirements

2.7.1. What accreditation companies are available?

2.7.2. What is necessary to get accreditation?

2.8. Financial Support Systems

2.8.1. What are the required finances?

2.8.2. What would this program cost a student?

2.8.3. Would there be scholarships available?

2.8.4. What kind of support and funding could occur from local nursing schools?