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Mind Mapping by Mind Map: Mind Mapping
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Mind Mapping

Tony Buzan 1995

Use Your Head

Buzan, T. (1995). Use Your Head (Revised Edition). London: BBC Books.

How Brain Works

Advantages over the linear form of note taking

Mind Mapping Laws

Joseph D. Novak & D. Bob Gowin 1984

Learning How to Learn

Novak, J. D. & Gowin, D. B. (1984). Learning how to learn. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

What is a concept map?

R. Baggetun & S. Dragsnes 2003

Designing Pedagogical Agents for CSCL

Baggetun, R. & Dragsnes, S. (2003). Designing Pedagogical Agents for CSCL. In Wasson, B., Ludvigsen, S. & Hoppe, U. (Eds.), Designing for change in networked learning environments: proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Support for Collaborative Learning 2003 (pp.151-155). Dordrecht; Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Focus on how the agent interacts with users

Mindmap program

何嘉華 2006

畫出思考:「思維導圖」 的學習與運用

何嘉華 (2006)。《畫出思考:「思維導圖」的學習與運用》。香港:匯智出版。

三大類用途, 1. 自由隨意聯想, 2. 展示對已有知識的理解, 3. 重新整理課文

Perry Zeus & Suzanne Skiffington 2002

The Coaching at Work Toolkit

Zeus, P. & Skiffington, S. (2002). The coaching at work toolkit: a complete guide to techniques and practices. Sydney; New York: McGraw-Hill.


Uses within coaching, Mind-mapping for life/work balance, Mind-mapping for presentation skills

Gill Hope 2008

Thinking and Learning Through Drawing

Hope, G. (2008). Thinking and learning through drawing: in primary classrooms. London; Los Angeles: SAGE.

Drawing to know

Relational mapping

Cognitive capabilities

Problem solving

David Hyerle 2009

Visual Tools for Transforming Information into Knowledge

Hyerle, D. (2009). Visual tools for transforming information into knowledge. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

How students think: Linear vs. nonlinear

Visual tools

Students' prior knowledge

Viewing book reviews

Mind mapping basics

Nancy Margulies with Nusa Maal 2002

Mapping Inner Space

Margulies, N. & Maal, N. (2002). Mapping inner space: learning and teaching visual mapping. Tucson, Ariz.: Zephyr Press.

Notetaking: Linear vs. mapping

Mapping shared image

Group applications

Finding & Creating Symbols



Hongtao Sun, Lu Wang & Hongwei Dai 2006

Resource Based Solution to Teachers' Knowledge Management

Sun, H., Wang, L. & Dai, H. W. (2006). Resource based solution to teachers’ knowledge management. In Mizoguchi, R., Dillenbourg, P. & Zhu, Z. (Eds.), Learning by effective utilization of technologies: facilitating intercultural understanding (pp.409-412). Amsterdam; Washington, D.C.: IOS Press.

Visualizing relations

Wenli Chen & Chee Kit Looi 2006

Incorporating Online Discussion in Classroom Learning: A New Strategy

Chen, W. & Looi, C. K. (2006). Incorporating online discussion in classroom learning: a new strategy. In Mizoguchi, R., Dillenbourg, P. & Zhu, Z. (Eds.), Learning by effective utilization of technologies: facilitating intercultural understanding (pp.149-156). Amsterdam; Washington, D.C.: IOS Press.

Ease of archiving

Mariaan Buckle, De Wet Strauss & Mariaan Buckle 2006

X-Kit Physiology

Buckle, M., Strauss, D. W. & Buckle, M. (2006). X-Kit Physiology. South Africa: Pearson.

Mind mapping basics

How professionals use mind maps

Janet MacDonald 2008

Blended Learning and Online Tutoring

MacDonald, J. (2008). Blended learning and online tutoring: planning learner support and activity design. Aldershot, England: Gower Publishing.

Electronic mind map

John W. Budd 2004

Mind Maps as Classroom Exercises

Budd, J. W. (2004). Mind maps as classroom exercises. Journal of Economic Education, 35(1), 35-46.

Classroom activities

Bill Gates 2005

The New Road Ahead

Gates, B. (2005, December). The New road ahead: where next for the knowledge economy? Retrieved April, 18, 2009 from

Mind-mapping software

Pam Stephens & Cindy Hermus 2007

Making Art Connections with Graphic Organizers

Stephens, P. & Hermus, C. (2007, April). Making art connections with graphic organizers. SchoolArts: The Art Education Magazine for Teachers, 106(8), 55.

Visual learners

Mind mapping basics

Michael F.Ruffini

Designing an eMap to Teach Multimedia Applications Online 2004

Ruffini, M. F. (2004). Designing an eMap to teach multimedia applications online. EDUCAUSE Quarterly, 31(4), 383-391.

eMap operations

Meaningful learning

Mind map programs

Using E-Maps to Organize and Navigate Online Content 2008

Ruffini, M. F. (2008). Using E-Maps to Organize and Navigate Online Content. EDUCAUSE Quarterly, 31(1), 56-61.


Cristine Goldberg 2004

Brain Friendly Techniques: Mind Mapping

Goldberg, C. (2004, November). Brain friendly techniques: mind mapping. School Library Media Activities Monthly, 21(3), 22-24.

Brain works visually

Classroom activities