Dr. Ruben Puentendura: Building Upon SAMR

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Dr. Ruben Puentendura: Building Upon SAMR by Mind Map: Dr. Ruben Puentendura: Building Upon SAMR

1. SAS: 2012-09-18


2.1. Goals need to be explicitly set towards what the research tells us.

2.2. models: help teachers take the tech and accomplish the goals (like TPAK)

2.3. technology

2.4. Focusing element

3. 1:1 technologies

3.1. portable vs mobile

3.1.1. New node

3.2. how to think about learning?

3.2.1. continuum of learning spaces school through home and places in between goal is lifelong learner

3.2.2. schema develops a concept of as opposed to "knows"

3.2.3. Seymour Papert using tech to learn things not possible without tech

3.2.4. New model introduced in January. more solid, research based research that shows which technologies are showing most promise helps select ipad apps

4. New node

4.1. Social technologies

4.1.1. all the tools we use to share youtube, flickr, wikis, twitter, blogs

4.1.2. schools tend to get too narrowly focused and restrictive that hurts us, limits how much students participate limits level and quality of the participation think more about how to bring levity to our school/work day IBM example

4.2. Mobility

4.2.1. New node

4.3. Visualization

4.3.1. any tool that allows students to take an abstract idea and render a 2D or 3D object that allows the student to better think about the ideal maps are an example digital maps can be more powerful concept maps data viewed as charts, and many more types 3D printers

4.4. Storytelling

4.4.1. New node

4.5. Gaming

4.5.1. storytelling narrative or visualization combine with a stake such as the best ending (they win the game) iTunes U course http://itunes.apple.com/us/itunes-u/game-learn-introduction-to/id429426265