"Healthy Body, Healthy Mind"

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"Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" by Mind Map: "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind"

1. Positive Mood States

1.1. Music helps to get my mind a a positive workout mood state.

1.2. I use positive stress to affect my mood state because yes I'm working hard but I'm feeling strong and well able.

1.3. Tapering helps keep me in a positive mood state because I'm not overworking.

1.4. Enjoying the exercise its self keeps me in a positive mood state because it is new and interesting (for example swimming, rock climbing, etc.)

1.5. exercising with a friend/ family member keeps me in a positive mood state because I'm able to "share sweat" and hard work with someone I care about.

2. Negative Mood State

2.1. Music can also get me into a negative mood state. For example, I have a bad memory attached to a certain song.

2.2. Being distressed can affect my mood state in a negative way because I'm burnt out and don't want to continue.

2.3. Doing an exercise that I hate doing puts me in a negative mood state because it's something that I don't enjoy for example running or front squats.

2.4. Having to work out super early like I used to, would put me in a negative mood state because who likes having to wake up early for anything.

2.5. Not being able to work out, puts me into a negative mood state because I'm not able to exercise which jump-start my day, and release those happy brain chemicals (neurotransmitters of interest include serotonin, epinephrine, dopamine, GABA, glutamate).

3. Stress

3.1. I'm stressed when I don't feel in control of my life. So I exercise because I can control that.

3.2. I'm stressed when I feel excluded, because what if it was my fault. So I invite people to exercise with me to make connections

3.3. I'm stressed what I take on more responsibility then I can handle. But like exercise I just take each responsibility one at a time.

3.4. I'm stressed when I feel like I'm not doing enough. Same with exercise try adding a little more weight and see if I can carry it.

3.5. I'm stressed when I have to much to do and so little to do it. Like exercise I focus on the important parts first and work down from there.

4. Motivation

4.1. I use other athletes as motivation on how I want to perform in athletics.

4.2. If I'm doing an exercise that I don't enjoy doing for example running I find a song with a consistent beat and run to that no matter how fast or slow because it keeps me motivated to keep up with the song.

4.3. If I'm running again it helps to run with people because there is always someone faster than me that I can chase, and it motivates me to keep going, and if the other person notices it also motivated them to run harder as well.

4.4. My broth and I would make challenges for each other to beat so that we are always motivated to keep pushing our capability.

4.5. I'm also motivated by self image because I don't want to just look great I want to feel great as well.

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