María Fernanda Chuquin

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María Fernanda Chuquin by Mind Map: María Fernanda Chuquin

1. My friends call me Mafer.

2. My hobbies are reading, cooking, watching series, etc.

3. I have two pets, a dog and a rabbit, the dog is called Bupy and the rabbit is called Milky.

4. I live with my parents, called Angela and Fernando, and with my sister, called Cristina.

5. My best friends are called Karen, Nahomy, Sofía, Odhalis and Emily.

6. My favorite color is green, but if you ask me a second favorite color I would say, purple.

7. I love watching Netflix, so my favorite series from Netflix are Dark and Biohackers.

8. I want to go to University in the United States, I honstly believe that I have a good English level to go there and study.

9. Also, I love listening to music, I like pop and rock, my favorite singer is Shawn Mendes and my favorite bands are Twenty One Pilots and Maneskin.

10. At University, I would like to study Medicine or Biotechnology.

11. My favorite movie saga is Harry Potter, my favorite movi of the saga is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

12. My favorite book is Five Feet Apart, it makes me cry a lot.