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Verbs by Mind Map: Verbs

1. Finite Verbs

1.1. Transitive Verbs

1.1.1. Direct Object! to whom? to what?

1.2. Intransitive Verbs

1.2.1. NO Object

1.3. Linking Verbs

1.3.1. no action

2. Non-Finite Verbs

2.1. Infinitives

2.1.1. Never -s, -es, -ed, -or -ing endings!

2.1.2. No To feel hear help let make see watch special verb + direct object + infinitive - to

2.2. Genunds

2.2.1. Every G. ends in ing.

2.2.2. Function as NOUNS

2.3. Participles

2.3.1. Present ends in -ing

2.3.2. Past regular verbs end in -ed irregular verbs do not follow the same pattern

2.3.3. Functions as Multipart Verbs auxiliary verbs + participles as Adjetives Present Past as Nouns Whenever a present participle functions as a noun, you call it a gerund.