service learning

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service learning by Mind Map: service learning

1. barriers political and structural

1.1. recognition of worth and work needed to establish

1.2. resource investement

1.3. associations with less traditional ..radical social activism

1.4. structural - not hard wired into the finances of an institution

1.5. faculty skeptism

2. definition of service learning

3. 2. Essential theories and pedagogy of service learning

3.1. is it just above and beyond or valued as a part of work load

3.2. a model of reform?

3.3. instead of external reform should be framed as inherent to our work as educators and

4. 1. What are the most promising actions? (design delivery and impact)

4.1. knowledge skills and attitudes

5. community engagement outcomes

5.1. social capital

6. student outcomes and benfits

7. institutional benefits

8. community stakeholder benefits

9. 3. Ethics and related cautions of service learning

10. Article

11. outcomes of review

11.1. understand outcomes and products

11.2. determine effective faculty action

11.3. identify teaching tools to best support learners and settings

11.4. increase understanding of impact of service learning on collaborative partnerships