Analytical Exposition Text

Zarin Fayyaza XI MIPA 5

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Analytical Exposition Text by Mind Map: Analytical Exposition Text

1. Definition

1.1. Analytical: Check, analyze

1.2. Exposition: Description, presentation

1.3. Analytical exposition: A text that elaborates the writer‘s idea about the phenomenon surrounding, or it could be comprehensive description of a problem by including opinions or arguments.

2. Generic Structure

2.1. Thesis

2.1.1. Introducing the topic and indicating the writer's point of view

2.2. Arguments

2.2.1. Elaborate the arguments to support the writer's position

2.3. Reiteration

2.3.1. Restating the writer's point of view

3. Language Features

3.1. Using simple present tense

3.1.1. Walk, sleep, talk, eat, etc.

3.2. Using internal conjunction

3.2.1. Addition Besides, in addition, further

3.2.2. Comparison But, meanwhile, on the other hand

3.2.3. Time First, then, last

3.2.4. Cause-effect So, because, consequence

3.3. Using causal conjunction (reason-why)

3.3.1. As a result, because,since, despite, due to, for that reason, etc.

4. Example

4.1. Legal defenses

4.2. Speeches/lectures

4.3. Editorials

4.4. Newspaper articles

4.5. Essays

4.6. Political Leaflets

4.7. Letters

5. Social Function

5.1. To convince the readers to look at an issue with our perspective, also to influence them that the topic presented is important.