Lub d Business Tech

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Lub d Business Tech by Mind Map: Lub d Business Tech

1. Infrastruture & Support

1.1. IT Security

1.1.1. Antivirus Cloud Control Kaspersky Bitdefender

1.2. Hardware List

1.2.1. IT Asset Application Server CCTV Internet bandwidth & MRTG Network Diagram Hardware List Application AppSheet : mobile apps from spreadsheets : Create App Shortcut

1.3. IT Support

1.3.1. Standard Application

1.3.2. IT Ticket System & Reporting Work with Ditc (IT Support Consulting) 1. Setup Standard Application 2 . User Login and permission 3. Using our IT Ticketing System 4. IT Asset5. Team Viewer

1.3.3. IT Policy PC User Account Type G Suite 2-Step Verification Less Secure App Password Mangement

1.4. Sofeware License

1.4.1. MS Windows

1.4.2. Microsoft Office

2. Application

2.1. PMS

2.1.1. Chanel Management OTAs Agenda Expedie Hostel World Booking Engine Travelanium

2.1.2. POS Finance Accounting Procument

2.1.3. CRM Cendyn Revinate EDM CRM (On Hold) Eber Email Message Member Ship Card QR Discount Redeim Poin Need to connect to PMS and POS

2.1.4. Business Intelligence (BI) Avalon MAQE-LubD-Tech Stack Weekly Progress - 21 Oct 2021 Slice 41 Internal Tool

2.1.5. RMS Duetto STR (Smit .... Research) 13000 /Year/Property OTA Insight (Rate Shopping Tool)

2.1.6. Online Reviews Review Pro Guestrevu

2.1.7. Hardware Key Card Vigncard Wifi Unifi Aruba Ruckus

2.1.8. Facilities Management INNsignt

2.1.9. Eber (Royalty Point Program)

2.2. HR

2.2.1. BambooHR

2.2.2. Humanos

2.3. Internal Communication

2.3.1. ConnectTeam Slack Gmail Hangout

2.3.2. Task Management

2.4. BusinessTech Project

2.4.1. IT Support Request

2.4.2. Income Dairy Report Offline Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files Online (Auto Report)

3. Marasca

3.1. 2021.09.03_Marasca Brand Training 2.0.pdf

3.2. K.Toon ([email protected]) will have an updated plan to share within this 1-2 month. K.Golf ([email protected]) will be leading the operations of the property, please copy him in for any updates.