District manager "Needs Approval"

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District manager "Needs Approval" by Mind Map: District manager "Needs Approval"

1. Office Manager

1.1. QC's Data Entry

1.2. Uploads Job Documentation

1.3. Verifies all Customer Requirements are met to Invoice

1.4. Approves RT

1.5. Calculation 1/2

1.5.1. QC's RT Information

1.5.2. Verifies Customer Requirements

1.5.3. Approves RT

1.5.4. Checks any Engineering Reporting

1.5.5. Ready to Invoice Verifies calculations on Printed Ticket via hand calculator Verifies Customer Requirements Approves RT for Invoicing Invoicing Tax Verification Verify Customer Requirements Verify calculation via hand calculator Creation of Invoice Cover letter Mails Invoices to Customer Approves invoice Provides Printed Invoice to EDI Dept for data entry Generates AR Invoice Exports AR Invoice Intacct AR

2. Job calls in no BID

2.1. Rental Ticket is started if no BID

2.2. Job Code gets created

2.3. Job is Completed

2.4. Job is Approved

2.4.1. Verification of Price Lines

3. Bids on Job

3.1. Job gets accepted

3.1.1. Generate RT from Bid

3.1.2. Create Job Code Intacct

4. FESCO Sales

4.1. MSA's

4.2. Price Grids