summer preparation

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summer preparation by Mind Map: summer preparation

1. magazine

1.1. create my own fashion magazine

1.2. dazed and confused

1.2.1. i like the magazine aesthetic

1.3. kerrang

1.3.1. emo/alternative music

2. area's of photography i enjoy

2.1. fashion photography

2.1.1. high end fashion Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada

2.1.2. fur/leather fashion the impact on the environment

2.1.3. emo/alternative style independent brands

2.1.4. potentially working on set with a fashion stylist & make-up artist

2.2. advertising photography

2.2.1. product styling potentially working with a product stylist?

2.2.2. fashion beauty make-up

3. potential topics to explore

3.1. futurism

3.1.1. futuristic fashion

3.2. cyberpunk

3.2.1. technology

3.3. lgbtq+