Make reading communicative

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Make reading communicative by Mind Map: Make reading communicative

1. reading

1.1. students are interested

1.1.1. grammar and vocabulary speaking

1.2. teachers

1.2.1. teachers should use texts to present some grammar and the vocabulary

2. what is communication?

2.1. It' some sort of interaction where there is a speaker and listener

2.2. we can do it by introducing some speaking activities

3. Pre-reading

3.1. Pre-reading activities

3.1.1. what for do we need pre-reading activities? we need to kind of build a context in which we are going to work during the lesson we predict some blocking of vocabulary if it's necessary

3.1.2. How can we do that? checking what students already know by a means of predictions

3.1.3. students can share the knowledge on the topic use some questions about the text look at wider a bigger picture ask the students to discuss the questions in pairs discussion task we need to give them some purpose to listen

3.1.4. Doing a quiz to learn more about the topic

3.1.5. Predictions look at the title looking at the pictures the predictions they can be made based on some useful language some vocabulary from the text. look as the important words students may talk to each other and discuss what they think the text is about. make some conclusion Rearranging the pictures that are not in a correct order students work in group to put the pictures in a correct order they check againts the text Guessing the answers look at quick questions students discuss them think about posible answers it can be done true false statements too

3.1.6. Brainstorming main ideas

4. While reading

4.1. activities

4.1.1. students see the text

4.1.2. find important words

4.1.3. they have to read a few sentences and analize them

4.1.4. students think what is actually written

4.1.5. students do the task they see the text

4.1.6. know the meaning of the words in the text

4.2. task and text go together

4.3. students compare the answers with their partners

4.4. read the begining and predict the ending

4.5. Read the ending and predict the begining

4.6. Read the middle and predict the begining and the ending

5. Post-reading activities

5.1. what for?

5.1.1. check again it happens while we read

5.1.2. to make task more personalized

5.1.3. students can react on what they have just read

5.2. how?

5.2.1. connected to the text

5.2.2. to say speaking extension so we continue talking on the context in which we read the text

5.3. Summarizing

5.4. Class survey

5.5. Role play

5.6. Change the ending

5.7. Comprehension dice

5.7.1. students work in small group

5.7.2. discuss the qestions they are about their perception of the text