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Americal Idol by Mind Map: Americal Idol

1. Americal idol is a reality competition to find new solo musical talent, debuted in 2002. The program seeks to discover the best singer through a series of nation-wide auditions. The public decides the outcome of the later stage. Judges give the critiques of contestants performances. The show is hosted by Ryan Seacrest

2. Initial auditions

2.1. Before contestants get chance to see the show's judges, they go through two rigorous sets of cuts.

2.1.1. The first is a brief audition with other contestants in front of one or two of the show's producers.

2.1.2. They are either past of the producers asked to leave

2.1.3. Out of a thousand of people who show up, only 100-200 make it past this round.

2.1.4. The remaining contestants and those who advance are sent to Hollywood

3. Hollywood

3.1. Once in Hollywood, they perform on different days, with eliminations by the judges on each day.

3.1.1. First round, contestants selected song from the list to sing.

3.1.2. The next round, contestants split themselves into small groups and performed together.

3.1.3. final round, contestant perform song of the choice

4. Finals

4.1. The finals are broadcast live and each finalist performs a songs selected from a weekly theme.

4.2. Theme are base on a musical genre, songs recorded by particular artists or Billboard #1 hits.

4.3. In the past, theme included Motown, disco and country music, music by artists as Michael Jackson and The Beatles. Contestants usually work with celebrity mentor each week

4.4. Following each performance episode, result show airs reveals the breakdown of the voting public's decision.

4.5. Since season 8, the judges are given the ability to perform a "save". If they reach a unanimous decision, they can save contestants for other week but the following week, the have to eliminate 2 people. Once their in top 5, the save can no longer be used.

4.6. When they get vote of, a montage of them experience played and they give their final performance

4.7. In finale, the two remaining perform and one will win.

4.7.1. Winner receives a one million dollar record deal with a major label

4.7.2. In some case, other finalists have also been signed by the show's management company with its major label partner

5. Interesting trivia

5.1. number-one-rated show in US

5.2. American idol costs $700,000 for a 30s TV advertisement (reaching up to $1,3 million for the finale)