Environmental Artist

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Environmental Artist by Mind Map: Environmental Artist

1. Skills Needed

1.1. VFX Pipeline, game development Pipeline.

1.1.1. Maya, 3DsMax, Blender. Photoshop, Substance Painter/designer. 3D Coat, ZBrush.

1.2. Strong Knowledge of geography, architecture,and the laws of physics.

1.3. High Level drawing skills.

1.4. 3D Animation.

1.5. Ability to recreate photorealistic landscapes.

1.6. Solid understaning of viual language.

1.6.1. Texture, color, dimension, scale, perspective, lighting, shade, composition, depth of field, and proportion.

1.7. Communication skills.

1.8. Self motivation.

1.9. technical (computer) skills.

1.10. Imagination.

2. Game Engines

2.1. Unreal Engine

2.2. Unity

2.3. CryEngine

3. Career Path

3.1. Do you need experience?

3.1.1. Broad range of artists skills, but not career skills needed. A solid portfolio can land any of these entry level fields.

3.1.2. Drive will get you places, as well as the ability to take criticism and work well as a team.

3.2. What are they looking for in an artist?

3.2.1. Problem solving skills, and can change things on the fly.

3.2.2. can poroduce multiple concepts each day.

3.2.3. gaming passion, and a great imagination.

3.3. Ladder

3.3.1. The internship is more likely is currently now hiring. paid and not paid are worth taking.

3.3.2. Entry level working on smaller projects and helping out with overall design.

3.3.3. Mid level: being in charge of a smaller group tasked out for larger projects (basic levels).

3.3.4. Senior: In charge of an entire portion of a game and the overlooker of each smaller group. Direct line to the developer and other design teams.

3.4. Routes

3.4.1. School Graduate with AA or BFA in game art.

3.4.2. Internships after / during time in school

3.4.3. Work on own indie game (current)

3.4.4. publish portfolio and get my name out there into the competitive market.

4. Reach out!

4.1. Post work on Art Station, Deviant art, concept art world, Facebook, Instagram.

4.2. Get in touch with industry professionals.

4.2.1. Sent out Portfolio to the right people. Work on props, and smaller aspects on the environments. Get ready for any art tests (3D model work) Trent K. FZD School Director, Concept art house Careers.

5. Portfolio

5.1. Showcase multiple styles of work.

5.1.1. 2D and 3D work

5.1.2. Overpaints, foundational work.

5.1.3. Quick sketches

5.1.4. Focus on job in mind. Environments dont require characters, animations, or VFX. Consistent work and workflow is what being looked at.

5.1.5. Quality of quantity Better to have 3 excellent quality then 9 mediocre.

6. Studios

6.1. Aquatic Moon

6.1.1. Looking for passionate artist, with solid work, and work ethic.

6.2. Concept art house

6.2.1. Most competitive market with international studios and clients. More likely to hire with experience.

6.3. Square Enix

6.3.1. 3 years of experience in modeling environments. College, university, or self-taught education in 2D and 3D art