What was my job

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What was my job by Mind Map: What was my job

1. Therapeutic Tutor

1.1. Running a tutoring business

1.2. Promoting my tutoring business

2. What are the universal challenges in therapeutic tutoring

2.1. Difficult to find clients

2.2. Difficult to make money

3. What are the regional challenges

3.1. the same

4. What is changing?

4.1. More children are struggling than every before. I heard from a neurologist they think 60% of students are struggling now. The number when I started was 25%

4.2. We know so much more than we used to. With fMRI machines, neuroscientists are able to see, in real time, what is happening in the brains of learners. Sowe have so much more information and opportunity to make a difference now!

5. Where is Disruptive Technology happening

5.1. I'd like to see it happening in the schools

5.2. I'd like to create disruptive technology for the schools

6. My Special Skills

6.1. patience

6.2. effective communication

6.3. Empathy for child and parents

6.4. Getting child to engage in topic they are most afraid of or angry about

6.5. Building extreme trust

6.6. Effective use of multi-sensory materials

6.7. Gaining an understanding of where the child is stuck

6.8. Coming up with solutions to child's specific learning needs

6.9. Communicating with parents

6.10. Coming up with homework, games, things parents can do with child to help

6.11. Inventing new materials and processes for learning math, reading, writing or spelling

6.12. Teaching adults

6.12.1. how to help kids

6.12.2. how to be patient with kids

6.12.3. math, reading, writing, spelling

6.12.4. possibly creating new materials and/or processes for teachers to use in their classrooms

7. What certification did I get

7.1. Orton-Gillingham Tutor Training

7.1.1. In a Trainer's basement in Vancouver

7.1.2. It was good training

7.1.3. It's now in colleges and universities

7.1.4. No, I don't want to train future tutors anymore

7.2. Montessori

7.2.1. In a Montessori School in Victoria

7.2.2. It was good training

7.2.3. No, I don't want to teach Montesoori Teachers

7.3. Coaching

7.3.1. Erickson College

7.3.2. It was good training

7.3.3. I don't want to train coaches

8. Where are there shortages?

8.1. resources

8.1.1. Teachers and parents are desperate for resources

8.2. staffing

8.3. content

8.3.1. Here's where I may be able to make a difference

8.4. training

8.4.1. Here also. If I create some content and invent materials, I'll also need to train people how to use it.

8.4.2. Teachers don't know how to use manipulatives effectively. Most of them are gathering dust in storage rooms in schools.

9. What moves and excites me?

9.1. When a child who struggled find success, when they "get it"! That is the best!!!

9.2. When a parent "gets" how to help their child! That may be even better than "the best"!!! I love helping parents to help their child, to become the hero that solves the child's school problem!!!

10. My Community

10.1. Parents need help for themselves and their child

10.2. Children should be properly taught at school

10.3. The education curriculum is currently getting worse results than in the past

10.4. Frustration with the current curriculum, even the creators are frustrated with the results

10.5. I've been thinking about creating materials and processes for teachers

10.6. What services are out there that are essential

10.6.1. DL schools Have funding

10.6.2. Autism funding

10.6.3. Swimming, trampolineing, martial arts, cadets, physical activities and behaviour training

11. My Passion/Hobby

11.1. Art

11.1.1. Where are others who share the interest They are online Definitely on YouTube I don't know about Facebook Groups There are some local community sites It's a pretty solitary hobby

11.1.2. Where do you find Training - online, in books and there are courses and you can hire artists to teach you privately Ideas are everywhere Resources can be found online, in art supply stores, libraries, rec centres

11.1.3. Who makes a living off of art? Artists Art teachers Art supplies manufacturers Art supply stores

11.1.4. What does a successful business in my passion place look like? There are several art supply stores where I live and they are always busy I know a few successful artists

11.1.5. What are my special skills Drawing Painting Canvases Walls

11.1.6. What inspires me Reflections on water on windows on vehicles any reflections people details in nature

12. Hot Opportunities (for the pragmatists)

12.1. Where is the Buzz

12.1.1. There's a lot of frustration with the new curriculum

12.2. How is it being monetized

12.3. Is it a new opportunity

12.3.1. For promotion maybe

12.4. What could disrupt it

12.4.1. I'd like to disrupt it!!

12.4.2. I'd like to disrupt the school system and find a way to get children a great, free education at school

12.5. What skills do I bring to the table

12.5.1. All of my success

12.5.2. All of my knowledge with how to teach kids who each learn differently

12.5.3. knowledge of how to teach classrooms of children in such a way that each child gets their needs met

12.6. Can i identify any disruptive technology

12.6.1. Multi-sensory materials

12.6.2. Games for classrooms and home

12.6.3. Books and workbooks for classrooms and home

13. !!!For All The Threads...Show me the Money

13.1. Where are the secure budgets

13.2. What are the at-risk budgets

13.3. Are they internal

13.4. Do they need backfilling

13.5. Can I deliver

13.6. Do I want to deliver

13.7. What can dirupt the income flow

13.8. Is there talent available to me

14. Go back to the hobbies Questions and answer them re my business

14.1. Where are others who share my interests

14.1.1. I know a couple of other therapeutic tutors

14.2. Where were my ideas generated

14.2.1. My ideas are generated in response to someone's struggle child adult parent teacher

14.3. Who opened my eyes

14.3.1. fellow students at school when I was a kid

14.3.2. my brother

14.4. Were there authors

14.4.1. I have followed several neuroscientists

14.4.2. and several authors on how to connect with children

14.4.3. and several authors on how to relate with animals well

14.5. Was there a professional association

14.5.1. I allowed my membership to lapse years ago. It may be beneficial to renew it.

14.6. What sort of training did OG require

14.6.1. They provided it and I paid for it. It was intense.

14.7. What training did I find useful in my prof life

14.7.1. I have studied so many things, I'm always studying.

14.7.2. Orton-Gillingham

14.7.3. Montessori

14.7.4. Coach training was very helpful

14.7.5. The best training has come from the children themselves. As I meet their needs, as what I'm doing with them isn't working, I'm always learning from them. I do more of what works and less of what doesn't work. I'm completely results-oriented. Either we're getting results or we're not.

14.7.6. Parents are a tremendous resource as well. When things aren't working, the first people I consult are parents. They've taught their child many things, successfully. Their experience is a tremendous resource for me.

14.8. who were the trainers who blew me away

14.8.1. Rae Chois, coach trainer

14.8.2. Gordon Neufeld, author of Hold Onto Your Kids