Anthropology Section Mind Map #2

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Anthropology Section Mind Map #2 by Mind Map: Anthropology Section Mind Map #2

1. Language

1.1. "Working from the dominance model of mixed-sex communication, many linguistic anthropologists suggest that language and gender, as reflected in male and female communication patterns are intricately connected to patterns of stratification in the culture at large.(Holmes 1998)"(Guest 125)

1.2. Language- "A system of communication organized by rules that use symbols such as words, sounds, and gestures to convey information." (Guest 113)

2. Chapter 8:Gender

2.1. "Humans are born with biological sex, but we learn to be women and men"(Guest 275)

2.2. Gender- The expectations of thought and behavior that each culture assigns to people of different sexes

3. Chapter 9:Sexuality

3.1. The complex range of desires, beliefs, and behaviors that are related to erotic physical contact and the cultural arena within which people debate about what kinds of physical desires and behaviors are right, appropriate, and natural. (Guest 314)

3.2. In this chapter it goes over how the concept of sexuality is something formed from culture and speaks on how different cultures view it and how they treat it, for example, some Caribbean women view sex as a form of survival, by doing sex work, they dream of possibly marrying a white man to escape the poverty they face in their daily lives.

3.3. "Instead, globalization as expressed through sex tourism reproduces and reinforces the unequal relations that existed previously between men and women of different nationalities. In doing so, it also reinforces inequality along lines of gender, race, class and nationality."(Guest 339)