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1. Environmental Impacts

1.1. Positive Impacts

1.1.1. Well-preserved resources Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam Singapore Green Plan

1.1.2. Environmental Protection Conserving Energy Supply Energy Saving Products Alternative Energy Sources Wind Energy Solar Energy Hydroelectric Energy Geothermal Energy

1.2. Negative Impacts

1.2.1. Environmental Degradation Deforestation Increase in Housing Flooding Lower air quality Global Warming Increased carbon emission

1.2.2. Overexploitation of Resources Maximized production Over harvesting

2. Economic Impacts

2.1. Positive Impacts

2.1.1. Faster conversion of assets to cash Investments Better lifestyle Improvement of developing countries

2.1.2. Increased Salaries

2.1.3. Better employment rate MNC industries Employment abroad More jobs are created

2.1.4. Free trades with other nations International travels

2.2. Negative Impacts

2.2.1. Small businesses will have a hard time Competitors are MNCs and TNCs

2.2.2. TNCs control the market

2.2.3. Income gap between rich and poor Developed countries continue to prosper while Developing countries continue to struggle Could lead to tension between different countries

3. Educational Impacts

3.1. Positive Impacts

3.1.1. Tech helps students in studying Online tutors are available

3.1.2. Online classes Distant learning is viable

3.1.3. International knowledge are accessible

3.2. Negative Impacts

3.2.1. Less fortunate people will be left behind

3.2.2. Cheating is inevitable

3.2.3. Lesser focus in studying

4. Social Impacts

4.1. Positive Impacts

4.1.1. Awareness of International culture

4.1.2. Mutual learning among different races

4.2. Negative Impacts

4.2.1. Racism

4.2.2. Loss of local culture People get absorbed by international brands

4.2.3. Culture shock Lead to losing interest in one's own culture