Sweetgrass Basket

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Sweetgrass Basket by Mind Map: Sweetgrass Basket

1. Mattie

1.1. Protective, responsible

1.1.1. Yes, I will take care of my sister. (p.7)

1.1.2. Mattie answers for Gracie beacause she doesnt speak well ensligh. (p.63)

1.2. Brave

1.2.1. Mattie, who is older and braver than I am, Mattie, who is not afraid of anything. (p.9)

1.2.2. But I am not brave like Mattie (p.78)

1.2.3. Mattie is brave, because she is not afriad of escaping. (p.137-140)

1.3. Honest

1.3.1. I believe her. I can look at Mattie's face and see that she tells the truth. Mattie's face is not good at lying. (p.127)

1.3.2. ''She doesn't know,'' I tell Sarah, confident that I tell her the truth, and i believe her. (p.132)

1.4. Stubborn

1.4.1. Mattie does not care that she wilL be in trouble. ''Mattie can be stubborn..'' (p.215)

1.4.2. I would be in trouble. I did not care. (p.218)

2. Sarah

2.1. Sensitive

2.1.1. I pressed my face into the pillow and silenced my sobs. (p.22)

2.1.2. I pretend I am writing on my paper so that Mattie will not see the tears I am trying to keep inside my eyes because if she sees me cry she will be angry again. (p.49)

2.2. Fearful

2.2.1. I hear the fear in her voice. I know she is frightened. (p.16)

2.2.2. When Sarah wants to save Mattie, but she is too afraid. (p.78)

2.2.3. (...) angry at myself for being so afraid, ashamed of myself for being so afraid. (p.165)

2.3. Distracted

2.3.1. Sarah not listening in class. (p.37)

2.3.2. Not listening in class. (p.98)

2.3.3. Distracted in class. (p.134)

2.4. Protective

2.4.1. Sarah protects Mattie when Mrs. Dwyer yells at her. (p,120)

2.4.2. Sarah talking for Mattie when everyone is accusing her of stealing Mrs. Dwyer's broch. (p.127)

3. Miss Weston

3.1. Hypocritical

3.1.1. She says she is not afraid of the thunder, but she actually is. (p.114)

3.2. Affectionate

3.2.1. Miss Weston is loving towards Mattie, she gets her out the dark room. (p207)

4. Mr.Davis

4.1. Friendly, nice

4.1.1. He is not severe or bossy, he is really nice with Sarah and laughs a lot. (p.42-43)

4.2. Helpful, Compassionate

4.2.1. He lets Sarah give some food to Mattie, even though he is not aloud. He understands that Mattie is hungry and needs food. (p.198-199)

5. Ida

5.1. Bossy

5.1.1. ''You will have to learn to do this yourself.'' the voice behind me commands. (p.27)

5.1.2. ''Are you listening to me?'' she snaps. Ida is even bossier than Mattie. (p.66)

5.2. Impatient

5.2.1. ''Now look what you've done.'' says an angry voice that must be Ida. ''I'll have to start again.'' she adds as she pulls me by the hair back up onto the stool. (P.27)

5.3. Proud

5.3.1. ''When Mrs. Dwyer makes me captain, '' she continues, ''your sister' better cooperate and have a better attitude, or she will be in serious trouble. (p.66)

5.3.2. Ida is confident and proud, she thinks Mrs.Dwyer will make her captain. (p.116)

6. Mrs. Dwyer

6.1. Severe

6.1.1. ''Do you understand?'' she demands, rapping her stick against the palm of her hand. (p.25)

6.1.2. ''its not free time, yet,'' she responds sharply. ''Are your lessons finished?'' (p.63)

6.1.3. ''Look-at-me,'' Mrs. Dwyer says again slowy and very, very loudly. (p.63)

6.2. Choleric

6.2.1. Then Mrs. Dwyer found out her plan. She was very, very very angry, angrier than I have ever seen her, and I have seen Mrs. Dwyer very angry. (p.44)

6.3. Insensitive

6.3.1. Mattie died, and Mrs. Dwyer doesn't even care. (p.229-230)

6.4. threatening

6.4.1. She threatens Sarah with Mattie's basket. (p.163)