Psychological Strengths

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Psychological Strengths by Mind Map: Psychological Strengths

1. Perserverence

1.1. My final strength is perseverance and I rate this a 5 for importance. When I have gone through harder times in my life I found that it is extremely important to persevere and to look for the good things.

2. Leadership

2.1. Leadership has always been very important to me as I have been a captain of 3 sports teams. I rate it a 5 for importance because it is important to me to be a role model to to others and be someone that they can look up to.

3. Forgiveness

3.1. Forgiveness is another very important trait for me and I would rate it a 4. Although I understand that some things cannot be forgotten I think that it is important to give people forgiveness and a second chance.

4. Teamwork

4.1. I rate Teamwork at a 4 for importance to me. It is a great quality to be able to work with people but it is also important to me to be able to accomplish things individually.

5. Kindness

5.1. Kindness is a quality that I think is most important in a person. I rate it at a 5 for a level of importance because I always think that I want to treat people the way I would like to be treated in return.