SENVI Collaboration

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SENVI Collaboration by Mind Map: SENVI Collaboration

1. Collective Members

1.1. Funding & Resources

1.2. Project Managers

1.3. Contributors

1.4. Affiliates

1.5. Support

2. Notes

2.1. From Vic

2.2. Visitors

2.3. Contributors

2.4. Members


2.5.1. My first Map

2.5.2. Pics Galleries

3. New and Existing Projects Information

3.1. Existing projects

3.2. Planning stage

4. Research and data

4.1. Organisational links

4.1.1. Scientific Academia Research Projects Corporate Professional associations

4.1.2. Transitional Transition movement Transition Towns Support education and hardware

4.1.3. Collectivistic Communities Organisations Ideas models and templates

4.1.4. Community planning Local Groups Organisations Template communities Logistics and city planning Community Internet Access

4.1.5. Governmental Support services Infrastructure Politics Compliance and Enforcement

4.1.6. Spirtual & Metaphysical Educational Practice Ritual and Traditions

4.1.7. Environmental Corporate Activist Academic and Research Problem areas Hydrogen, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Tidal, Kinetic ONLY

4.1.8. Animal Rights Domestic International

4.1.9. Social Religious Activity based Networking

4.1.10. Health and Psychology Holistic Allopathic

4.2. Publications

4.2.1. Media sites

4.2.2. Book list

4.2.3. Member authored docs

4.2.4. External docs

4.2.5. Picture Galleries