Customer Service Skills

Conceptual Map about the main features of a good customer service agent - Ronaldo Leon

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Customer Service Skills by Mind Map: Customer Service Skills

1. This Set of Skills are Important

1.1. Acting Skills

1.1.1. Closing Ability

1.1.2. Empathy

1.1.3. Patience

1.1.4. Attentiveness

1.1.5. Conflict resolution

1.1.6. Tenacity

1.1.7. A Calming Presence

1.1.8. Willingness to Learn

1.2. Knowledge about the Products

1.2.1. Technical knowledge

1.2.2. Goal Oriented Focus

1.2.3. Time Management Skills

1.3. Clear Communication Skills

1.3.1. Persuasion Skills

1.3.2. Ability to Handle Surprise

1.3.3. Ability to Use Positive Language

1.3.4. Ability to ‘Read’ Customers

1.3.5. Active listening