This site is in development. Use this mindmap to acquaint yourselve. Clciking the dots / circles ...

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This site is in development. Use this mindmap to acquaint yourselve. Clciking the dots / circles will show you more info. by Mind Map: This site is in development. Use this mindmap to acquaint yourselve. Clciking the dots / circles will show you more info.

1. What is it ?

1.1. ArtCodec is a brand new platform that caters to the post-production needs of photographers, museums, designers and collectors.

1.1.1. Our workflow is completely geared towards working in context of Art and Cultural heritage.

1.1.2. we offer to share our insights about techniques and the workflow we developed through weblogs, wiki-pages and workshops. More info is avaliable soon through the new website.

2. ArtCodec \WORK

2.1. available 1/1/19 through, offering an entire new curriculum

2.2. how do we go about ?

2.2.1. by working personally involved, with nothing but quality in mind

2.2.2. by inviting Artists to the studio and work very much 'hands on', keeping technique as much as possible out of your way.

2.2.3. we decided that is was time to not only do 'advanced post' but also 'advanced pricing' More info on that soon

2.2.4. this means unmatched Value for Artist Proofing, Edition Printing and Creative Litho.

3. ArtCodec \CH

3.1. cultural heritage post-production platform

3.2. more info >

4. the services that we offer :

4.1. highend file processing

4.1.1. RAW to CT , 'continous tone' file conversions We do a 3 stage process that makes only very limited use of 'smart' software. Instead we treat the image in a very old school way. By using 'apply image', photoshop's single most powerful command 'silver masks' are emulated digitally, offering the best tonal anc chromaticity controls. so, our color separations are done rather manualy instead of automated conversion.

4.2. cielab color separations

4.2.1. cielab is the only colorspace that allows for 'mechanical' separation of the HUE and SATURATION component of a given color. Therefore the amount of saturation / color can be its own modulator! Also, any color edit can be completely separated from the texture and lucidity of the image.

4.2.2. digital color means that colr is synthesized into numbers. Cielabs range goes from -127 tot 127 but only a much smaller part of this gamut can be used.

4.3. certified matchprinting

4.3.1. ISO 12746-7 contractproofing

4.4. cloud-printing -- print directly on our wide gamut printers through your personal account. --

4.4.1. available spring 2014

4.5. curated paper !

4.5.1. ( more info soon on the new site )

4.5.2. spoiler alert : Japanese Art papers as well..

4.6. *any*color - *any* retouch - no limits -

4.7. trusted digital storage

4.8. AP-create. This is a special offering only available to photo Artists and students. More info soon on the new website

4.9. edition-printing :

4.9.1. museum-graded plates, frames and crates.

5. why is it advanced ?

5.1. We donot see ourselves as just a postproduction studio. it is our goal to truly ( and in practical ways ) co-operate with artists and create works of true beauty.

5.1.1. It is all about aesthetics, yet 'technique' is a very important aspect. To keep technique 'out of your way' is our goal. We developed a workflow using the same cutting edge techniques that are used in high-end commercial digital-paint and prepress. Also we developed a brand new pricing model that can make such post-production now available to Artists for the first time.

6. About Us

6.1. It's not about us. But about you. You and your Art. But if you still like to know about us .. click the plus..

6.1.1. what we are made of a solid background of 30+ years passion for Photograhy 20 years of accumulated experience in digital color and texture in addition to these technical and digital aspects, our background is in Art. That's why working respecting its rules is not only a goal ; it is completely natural too.

6.1.2. what we do & how advanced digital techniques result in high quality work, we work 'analogue to old school' , and use techniques which match the old-school workflow a well as possible. For example, density masks mimic silver masks, made by contacting film to film. With a touch of digital control ;)

6.1.3. Current Areas of Expertise Creative Litho highend continuous tone processing 'no limit' image editing. retouche, color, compositing. advanced texture control by channel blending wide gamut printing and print longevity certified matchproofing AP+ 'Artist Proof' ArtProofing