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The Artist by Mind Map: The Artist

1. Record Label

1.1. Record labels may be small, localised, and "independent" ("indie"), or they may be part of a large international media group, or somewhere in between.

1.1.1. Some independent labels are Rough Trade, Sub pop, and Stolen Recordings.

1.2. The largest four record labels are called "major labels". A "sublabel" is a label that is part of a larger record company, but it trades under a different name.

1.2.1. The 4 big major record labels are Song BMG, Universal Music Group, EMI, Warner Music Group. Other record labels also subside to the 4 big record labels.

1.3. Supporting Staff

2. Producer

2.1. A music producer is also known as an album (or a record) producer, and his job definition pretty much depends on the terms he agrees with the record company or the artist he is working with. Whatever his terms might be, he is responsible for the final musical outcome of the album.

2.1.1. 4 important producers and their artists Bob Ezrin Kiss, Alice Cooper and Pink Floyd: Bob Ezrin worked either as producer (or as executive producer) on a total of 12 Alice Cooper albums, and co-wrote several songs. Robert John “Mutt” Lange Bryan Adams, Def Leppard, Nickelback, The Cars, Foreigner, AC/DC, Shania Twain, Maroon 5: The sought after name of rock and pop records, Mutt Lange’s production credits include AC/DC’s Back in Black, For Those About to Rock We Salute You, Highway to Hell albums. Bruce Fairbairn Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Poison, Blue Oyster Cult, Scorpions, Van Halen, Kiss, Yes: As Fairbairn’s artists indicate, he is a great choice for hit rock albums. Fairbairn produced Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet and New Jersey, Aerosmith’s Permanent Vacation, Pump and many more. Desmond Child Bon Jovi, Cher, Jimmy Barnes, Jennifer Rush, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: Songwriter and producer Desmond Child is one of the co-writers of the KISS hit “I was made for loving you”,which remains one of the band’s most popular songs. His production and song writing credits include many rock (and pop) hit songs and albums.

3. Music Agents

3.1. Music agents handle the business side of the career for individual musicians or bands. They understand the recording and music industry, work to find more opportunities and money for musicians, and handle contract negotiations with record executives.

3.2. A lot of bands attempt to negotiate and sign the first contract that comes their way. Music agents are experts with recording contracts and will negotiate for the band so that the band gets a fair deal.

3.3. Music agents can also replace the manager in finding gigs and upcoming special events to play in. Sometimes you may trust them to find more and better gigs than a manager, because they are very good in the sales and business side of the industry.

4. Performing Rights Society-PRS

4.1. PRS for Music collectively manages the rights of 85,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK.

4.2. With 150 agreements in 90 different countries PRS for Music leads the way in UK and worldwide licensing.

4.3. In 2010 PRS for Music collected £611m for its membership from broadcasters, digital services, music sales, public performance and international use of members’ repertoire.

4.4. 90p in every pound collected going direct to PRS for Music members.

5. The Public

5.1. The public are very big contenders for helping the artists because if the people didn't go out and buy their music then they wouldn't have any record sales.

5.1.1. Materials

5.1.2. Personel

5.1.3. Services

5.1.4. Duration

5.2. The public also go gigs, which help the band get publicity and fans. Also they will earn a small percentage of the people the public spend.

6. Promoter

6.1. Promoters develop marketing strategies for events ranging from rock concerts to international chess tournaments. Event promoters work with television, radio, special-events coordinators, ticket sellers, reviewers, bulk mailers, and local merchants to market a product.

6.2. Concert promoters

6.2.1. Develop contacts with individuals and organisations, and apply effective strategies and techniques to ensure their clients' success.

6.2.2. Keep informed of industry trends and deals.

6.3. One example of a concert promoter is Live Nation

6.3.1. Live Nation Entertainment is the world's leading live entertainment and eCommerce company, comprised of four market leaders:, Live Nation Concerts, Front Line Management Group and Live Nation Network.