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Feudalism by Mind Map: Feudalism

1. Peasants/serfs

1.1. Responsibilities

1.1.1. Work for the lord

1.1.2. Gather firewood or thatch, fishing and hunting

1.2. Rights

1.2.1. People who could not lawfully leave the place where they were born.

1.2.2. They are not slaves

1.2.3. can't be sell or buy. But what their labor produce belonged to the lord.

1.2.4. Allowed to lend land from their lords in 12th century

1.3. Environment

1.3.1. Lived on vast estates called manors

1.3.2. Size is 100 acres to 1000

2. Nobles

2.1. Responsibilities

2.1.1. Look after their own land

2.1.2. Raise troops and command them in the field

2.1.3. Held his own courts of justice

2.1.4. Collect direct and indirect taxes as well as rents

2.2. Rights

2.2.1. Free in his person and in his possessions

2.2.2. Could coined his own money

2.3. Environment

2.3.1. They are the most powerful vassals

2.3.2. Larger Castle

3. Knights

3.1. Responsibilities

3.1.1. Protect the weak and the poor.

3.1.2. Pledged to defend their lords' land in exchange for fief.

3.1.3. Learn how to fight

3.2. Rights

3.2.1. Treated with respect

3.2.2. life and death on the people who lived in his feud.

3.2.3. Coined his money

3.3. Environment

3.3.1. Clothes grew more elegant

3.3.2. Foods and table more ornate

3.3.3. Constantly on the move

4. King

4.1. Responsibilities

4.1.1. Rule people who lived in the kingdom

4.1.2. Build armies and make laws

4.1.3. Raise taxes to pay for his court, government, and his wars

4.2. Rights

4.2.1. Immense power over his land

4.2.2. Control lives of people in is fief

4.3. Environment

4.3.1. Move around a lot

4.3.2. Move from castle to castle as they travel around

4.3.3. Their castles are built to be a fort

5. Clergy/Church officials

5.1. Responsibilities

5.1.1. They pray

5.1.2. Important to absolve men and women of their sins for the act of confession.

5.1.3. Paid 10% of what they earned in a year to the Church (this tax was called tithes)

5.2. Rights

5.2.1. Make laws and set up courts to uphold them

5.3. Environment

5.3.1. Inhabited by people who were interested only in the aggrandizement of their own wealth, power, and prestige