e-Tickets registration: Users experience discovery exercise.

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e-Tickets registration: Users experience discovery exercise. by Mind Map: e-Tickets registration: Users experience discovery exercise.

1. Time

1.1. Inexperience/ junior agents asked too many questions

1.1.1. junior agents customer data collection

1.2. User satisfied spending time with agents

1.2.1. spending customer data collection

1.3. User didn't understand why the process of getting E4 is tedious. Losing a lot of time in the process

1.3.1. tedious customer data collection

1.4. SD waiting time is okay

1.4.1. waiting customer data collection

1.5. SD response quickly - good

1.5.1. quick customer data collection

1.6. Research insight: How can we speed up the user data collection

2. Process

2.1. User understand the SD services

2.1.1. understanding

2.2. User suggested template to speed up process and bypass SD

2.2.1. template data collection channel

2.3. User feels SD services are good

2.3.1. good

2.4. Ticket creation via phone call is good

2.4.1. phone calls data collection channel

2.5. Working remote but fast - good

2.5.1. remote data collection channel

2.6. User understand less people during weekend

2.6.1. less people

2.7. Research insight: How can we collect user information effectively in one place

3. support team

3.1. recovery response time from Local IT is slow

3.1.1. slow second level resolver response time

3.2. User hope faster response time from Local IT

3.2.1. faster second level resolver response time

3.3. Research insight: How might we improve solutions time from support to satisfy users

4. Research Objective - To learn what our end users perceive when they call to report e-tickets

5. Solutions

5.1. Customer relationship management (Superior CX)

5.1.1. Omnichannel Routing - automatically direct emergency calls/chats to the best agents on the floor

5.1.2. Set up Automatic Responses (chat/call) to Inform Customers on common questions, putting user on hold, asking additional assistance, greeting and conclusion

5.1.3. Customer service cloud - user can contact us anytime, anywhere

5.1.4. User's e-ticket self service kb

5.1.5. User e-ticket self service template

5.1.6. GSN contains 360 information of the user with solutions algorithm

5.2. Track and follow up with Local IT/support team

5.2.1. Share best practices with Local IT/Support team that breach e-tickets TRT

5.2.2. Ticket ownership from support/local IT

5.3. Improve call handling experience - clear, simple, helpful and fast

5.3.1. Emergency ticket handling training, buddy and test - how to ask the right questions and where to get the info

5.3.2. E-tickets should be handled by skillful/senior agents

5.3.3. Monthly e-ticket response time Quality checks and reporting

5.3.4. All emergency updates must be shared with the team