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Bare Infinitive by Mind Map: Bare Infinitive


1.1. The infinitive without the marker to (bare-infinitive) is used after the auxiliaries shall, should, will, would, may, might, do, did, can, could, must, need and dare.

1.2. I shall invite them.

1.3. We must go now.

1.4. He dare not refuse.

1.5. The infinitive is used without to after some principal verbs like bid, watch, see, let, make, help and hear.

1.6. I bade him come.

1.7. Let him go.

1.8. We heard her sing.

1.9. I watched them play.

1.10. After rather, better and had better The infinitive is used without to after rather, better and had better.

1.11. I would rather wait.

1.12. You had better consult a doctor.

1.13. After some prepositions like except, but, save and than

1.14. She can do everything but cook.

1.15. She did nothing except cry.


2.1. Reported Statements

2.1.1. Mary: "I am glad to help you!" --> Mary says she is glad to help me (to infinitive)

2.1.2. “Please wait for me in reception.” --> The guide told us to wait for her in reception. (to infinitive)

2.1.3. “Don't go in there!” --> The police officer warned us not to go in there. (to infinitive)

2.1.4. He said to me; “Let’s go home” --> He suggested going home (gerund)

2.1.5. Susan: "I'm watching TV." --> Susan said to me that she was watching TV. (gerund)

2.1.6. John: "Mandy is at home." --> John said that Mary was at home. (gerund)

2.2. Reported Questions

2.2.1. “What should we do to help her overcome stress?” -->They didn't know what they should do to help her overcome stress. (to infinitive)

2.2.2. “What should I do?” -> She wondered what to do. (to infinitive)

2.2.3. “Should I tell my mom about this?” -->She wondered whether to tell her parents about that. (to infinitive)

2.2.4. "Shall we go for a swim now?" --> She suggested going for a swim then. (gerund)

2.2.5. “Why is he shouting?” --> She asked me why he was shouting. (gerund)

2.2.6. “Are you going to the Helsinki conference?” --> He asked me if I was going to the Helsinki conference. (gerund)

2.3. Reported Requests/ Reported Orders

2.3.1. “Please make 10 copies of this report.” -->She asked me to make 10 copies of the report. (to infinitive)

2.3.2. “Close the door, please.” --> They asked me to close the door. (to infinitive)

2.3.3. “Go to sleep!” --> He told the child to go to sleep. (to infinitive)