Rise of nationalism in Europe

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Rise of nationalism in Europe by Mind Map: Rise of nationalism in Europe

1. The French Revolution • The first expression of the nationalism came the French revolution - 1789 • There was a transfer of sovereignty from the monarchy to a body of French citizens • The napoleonic code 1804 guaranteed equality before the law and the right to property

2. The Making Of Nationalism In Europe • Europe arise in the working-class population and emergence of the middle class • The idea of national unity became allied to the ideology of liberalism

3. The Age Of Revolutions 1830-48 • Romanticism played an important role in creating the idea of a nation • Rise in population led to economic hardships, food shortage and unemployment in • Europe Revolution led by the educated middle class was underway

4. Unification of Germany ,Italy, and Britain • Germany was unified in 1871, after the failure in 1848 • In 1861 Italy was unified • Britain was formed as a result of a long drawn out process the art of union 1707 resulted in the formation of United Kingdom of Great Britain

5. Visualising The Nation During • French Revolution artists used female allegory to put the ideas of Liberty , justice and Republic in France Marianne and in • Germany, Germania became the allegorical representation of the nation

6. Nationalism And Imperialism • The major European powers manipulated nationalist aspirations for imperialist aims • The rivalry is very extending their control over the Balkan region