Asia's Essay Brainstorm

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Asia's Essay Brainstorm by Mind Map: Asia's Essay Brainstorm

1. Society vs. Solitude

1.1. Frankenstein

1.1.1. Solitude Victor- made the monster in solitude The monster learned in solitude

1.1.2. Society Society was cruel to the monster “they had spurned and deserted me”(141)

1.1.3. Rough Draft of Essay

1.2. Blade Runner

1.2.1. Thoughts different worlds different languages-divides society overpopulated Replicants have friends Unlike the monster People to share in the grief Help in revolt followed Roy who was the leader

1.2.2. Solitude Tyrell is alone

1.2.3. Society Replicants are a society Society is cruel to the replicants Used them for distasteful jobs Killing the repilcants

1.3. What are these telling us about society and solitude?

1.3.1. humans scorn things which are different, even if it is an advance in technology

1.3.2. Society is afraid of things it can't understand

2. Natural vs. Unnatural

2.1. Frankenstein

2.1.1. Creating the Creature was unnatural

2.1.2. creature finds beauty in nature

2.1.3. Victor= natural philosophy

2.1.4. Blasted Tree

2.2. Blade Runner

2.2.1. no nature fake animals

2.2.2. creating the creatures is unnatural

2.2.3. genetic modification

2.3. What are these telling us about nature and what is not nature?

2.3.1. Human instinct to live-even if it is not living

2.3.2. Human instinct found in non-humans- suggesting that it is not nature that instills these Is the creature human?

2.3.3. shun the unnatural- the creature and the replicants- kill nature will pollution

2.3.4. What does it mean to be human? Book and picture- history

3. Ambition vs. Madness

3.1. Frankenstein

3.1.1. Victor Obsession with his project wanted to defy nature ignored his family and friends for his project

3.1.2. Walton Wanted to do what no other person had done Willing to risk his crews lives for it learned that it was bad from Victor

3.1.3. Creature Goal= to have a companion Why Victor doesn't want to give the creature his goal Have society- with the companion, doesn't want to be in isolation

3.2. Blade Runner

3.2.1. Replicants want to get more life Roy wants to stay with pris wants a society

3.2.2. Tyrell wants to make his replicants more like human with emotions but have expiration dates

3.3. What are these telling us about ambition and madness

3.3.1. ambition is not good when the goal is unreasonable, even if it is achievable

3.3.2. Madness can only be defined after the goal is accomplished for the person doing it Victor didn't think it was crazy till he had already made the creature

4. Parent vs. Child

4.1. Frakenstein

4.1.1. parent= Victor

4.1.2. Creature set out to destroy him

4.1.3. Creature was sad when he died

4.1.4. Wanted something from Victor- companion

4.2. Blade Runner

4.2.1. Parent= Tyrell and engineers

4.2.2. Replicants killed their creators

4.2.3. Were not sad

4.2.4. Wanted something from Tyrell- longer life

4.3. What are these telling us about parent vs. Child

4.3.1. There is a natural instinct to love parents

4.3.2. Having a parent makes us feel more human