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Frankenstein and Blade Runner Essay Brainstorming by Mind Map: Frankenstein and Blade Runner
Essay Brainstorming
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Frankenstein and Blade Runner Essay Brainstorming

Prompt: How does the film Blade Runner reflect two (or more) themes established in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

Creator vs. Creation


Victor, Loathes his creation

The Creation, Originally loving, learns to hate

Blade Runner

Dr. Tyrell

The Replicants, Roy Batty, Represents the hostile side of the replicant nature as the Creation is at the end of the book, Pris, Represents innocence, curiosity and, it seems like, an eagerness for life

Ambition vs. Madness


Victor, Enthusiastic scientist, Ambition: Undiscovered knowledge, Madness: Pride, paranoia, regret, guilt

The Creation, A "horrid wretch" with enhanced abilities and learning potential, Ambition: to learn the ways of man and find sympathy and affection, Symbol: Books, Madness: complete rejection by society and his creator

Blade Runner

Deckard, A bounty hunter that goes after replicants, Ambition: simply to complete his mission, Madness: becoming emotionally attached to a replicant reconsidering the nature of his mission

Dr. Tyrell, The scientist of the story...the "creator" who suffers a fate similar to Victor's due to his creation, Ambition: to create beings that are more human than humans, Madness: Creation too advanced to control...suffers consequences

Rachael, A replicant that has memories and emotions, Madness: similar to the Creation...confused as to what her purpose is in life because her kind is rejected by society, yet she is "special"..."what am I?"

Possible Theme Statements