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Persoonlijke Praktijktheorie by Mind Map: Persoonlijke
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Persoonlijke Praktijktheorie


John Demo

Jane Demo

Johnny Appleseed

Nieuw knooppunt


Agenda Review

Define upcoming goals

Agree launch date

Finalize copy!

Main Discussion

Brainstorm and discuss new product and project ideas.

Next Steps

Johnny to prepare PR

John and Jane call partners

Formele kennis

Position as market leader

Convert incoming traffic

Provide better client interaction


Priority Importance indicators

High Priority

Medium Priority

Low Priority

Task Completion indicators

Not Started

25% complete

50% complete

75% complete


Flags and Icons



Nieuw knooppunt

Persoonlijke overtuigingen

Action Item 1

Action Item 2

Nieuw knooppunt

Nieuw knooppunt