Digital Process Automation

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Digital Process Automation by Mind Map: Digital Process Automation

1. Starting Points

1.1. Course Objectives

1.2. Course Notes

1.2.1. Mindmeister Copy Guide

1.3. Download UIPath

1.3.1. UIPath Download Guide

1.4. Team Jamboards

1.4.1. Jam #1

1.4.2. Jam #2

1.4.3. Jam #3

1.4.4. Jam #4

2. Introduction

2.1. Setting the Scene

2.1.1. WorkFusion: Identity Verification

3. Three Perspectives

3.1. Technology Perspective

3.1.1. Principles of Cloud Architecture API Scenario: News API Mulesoft: Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends Shaping 2022

3.1.2. Distinguishing Features of RPA Deloitte: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

3.1.3. RPA as a Product IBM: RPA Buyers Guide Jensen: UIPath Pricing 2020

3.1.4. Alternatives to RPA Burnie Group: Types of Automation Macro Scenario: USA Facts

3.2. UIPath Bootcamp

3.2.1. ...moving to Notepad... Configure UIPath Studio Edureka: UIPath Installation Guide Nandan: Install UIPath Geeks for Geeks: How to Install UIPath UIPath: About Licensing The UIPath Studio Interface UIPath: Studio Introduction Adding Capabilities to UIPath Studio UIPath: Managing Activities Packages Creating a Web Entry Bot Scenario Asset: Online Form Scenario Asset: Email Attachment Extending the Web Entry Bot UIPath: Control Flow Activities UIPath: Delay Activity UIPath: Repeat Number of Times Activity UIPath: For Each File in Folder Activity UIPath: If-Else Activity UIPath: Move File Creating a Currency Conversion Bot Scenario Asset: Source File

3.2.2. Document Writing Challenge Scenario Asset: Expense Report Form Scenario Asset: Expense Report Template ...relevant UIPath tools... UIPath: Use Excel File UIPath: Read Cell Value UIPath: Use Word File UIPath: Replace Text in Document

3.3. Process Perspective

3.3.1. Process Mining UIPath: How Enterprises Are Improving Operational Efficiency with Process Mining Microsoft: The Beginner’s Guide to Using BPMN

3.3.2. Process Innovation HBR: Six Drucker Questions that Simplify a Complex Age HBR: Reengineering Work: Don’t Automate, Obliterate Nielsen Norman Group: Service Blueprints Creately: The Easy Guide to Business Process Reengineering Nielsen Norman Group: Usability Testing Marvel App

3.3.3. RPA Case Studies AI Multiple: Top 67 RPA Use Cases UIPath: Case Studies BluePrism: Case Studies WorkFusion: Case Studies

3.4. Business Perspective

3.4.1. RPA Economics Deloitte: Annual Global RPA Survey Report Jensen: UIPath Pricing 2020 NTANSA: The 7 Key Performance Measures that Companies use to Evaluate the Benefits of RPA

3.4.2. RPA Operations BluPrism: The 7 Foundations of the Robotic Operating Model

3.4.3. RPA Risk Deloitte: Risk Management For and By the BOT

3.4.4. RPA Management Pichler: What is Product Management Latest Quality: Change Impact Assessment Matrix

4. Plan

4.1. RPA Technology

4.1.1. RPA Bootcamp

4.2. Process Innovation with RPA

4.2.1. Process Automation RPA Around Legacy Case Studies the jkey to automation is the recipe

4.3. Summary

4.4. Resources

5. Resources

5.1. Crib Sheet

5.2. Reading Deck

5.3. ...white papers...





















6. Working

6.1. RPA Bootcamp

6.1.1. RPA in Pieces File to Web Web to File Simple Rule Data Reconciliation Looping

6.2. RPA around legacy

6.2.1. Email in file to folder check folder

6.2.2. Rules assessment file complete rule issue reject notice if no

6.2.3. Supervisor check log for >200 check supervisor entry if empty if yes if no

6.2.4. Enter to payments system online form

6.2.5. Report to applicant file to word word to folder

6.2.6. loop

6.3. RoI Estimation

6.3.1. as-is vs to-be

6.4. Risk Assessment

6.5. Rehost, Refactor, Replatform

6.5.1. Power Automate an App Draft