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Aspect by Mind Map: Aspect

1. Authority

1.1. Who wrote it

1.1.1. Verify the author's credentials.

2. Sources

2.1. Where did they get the information from

2.1.1. Does the author document sources.

3. Purpose

3.1. Why did they write it

3.1.1. Is the source written to inform you or to entertain you.

4. Eveness

4.1. Is the information well rounded

4.1.1. Check to see that the author is not bias in one direction.

5. Coverage

5.1. Is all of the important information there

5.1.1. Does the information support on what you have found on other sources.

6. Timeliness

6.1. Is it up to date

6.1.1. Look for the date the item was published. Does it make sense to use it.