The Periodic Table and Matter

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The Periodic Table and Matter by Mind Map: The Periodic Table and Matter

1. Atoms

1.1. Atoms are the smallest structures that form all matter in the universe. They are neutral.

1.1.1. States Solid Closely packed group of atoms with a lot of attraction. They form a grid that hold their shape. Liquid Weaker attraction that allows the atoms to slide over one another. They take the shape of the contain they are in Gas Very weak attraction between atoms that bounce off of each other. They fill a container not take its shape

1.1.2. Structure nucleus The center of the atom Rings The rings around the nucleus

2. The Periodic Table

2.1. Arrangement

2.1.1. Groups Groups the vertical organization of the periodic table. 8 Groups

2.1.2. Periods Vertical organization of the periodic table 7 Periods

2.2. Lables

2.2.1. Atomic Number Number of protons and electrons

2.2.2. Element Symbol A 1 or 2 letter symbol that represents a element

2.2.3. Atomic Mass The mass of the protons, electrons, and neutrons added together.

2.3. Bonding

2.3.1. Bonding happens because atoms want to complete their valence shell to become stable Ionic Metal+Nonmental Covalent Nonmetal+nonmetal Metallic

2.4. Reativity

2.4.1. The group of an element determines its reactivity The amount of valence electrons determines how a element reacts All the elements in a group have the same amount of valance electrons The further you go down a group the more reactive an element gets

3. (+) + (-) = Neutral