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Feudalism by Mind Map: Feudalism

1. Knights

1.1. The Knights rarely came into possession of property which they were owed because of wars they had to fight in

1.2. The responsibilities of the knights was to protect the kingdom when at war and protect the weak and the poor

1.3. The knights had to live up to a code of conduct created by the Clergy called Virtues of Chivalry

2. Peasants

2.1. Environment for the Peasants was very poor and most of them lived in little huts with the pigs to keep them warm

2.1.1. Lord's Manor

2.2. The Responsibilities of the peasants were to grow and harvest the "kings" food in the "kings" mill

2.3. Peasants did not have any rights except they could not be sold or traded like slaves but they did belong to the king

3. Nobles

3.1. Nobles had estates

3.2. The nobles responsibilities were to tax and run rents. He had to appoint wise Stewart who would his estate.

3.3. Nobles had all rights. They were right behind the king in rights and were well respected by all since they are in the upper class.

4. Clergy

4.1. Churches and Religious sanctuarys were where they resinged

4.2. Responsibilities of the clergy were to pray in the churches, administer the necessary sacraments with regularity and consistency

4.3. Clergy's rights were to stay in church's and pray and to teach of god. They had more rights than most because of their religious ranks.

5. King

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