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How To Check Website Credibility by Mind Map: How To Check Website Credibility
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How To Check Website Credibility

Is it relevant to what you are talking about, or is it just a bunch of random info?

Are they biased? Do they like one group more than another?

do they have a scholorship?

who was it written for?

When was it made?

Again, is it up to date. If the article is from the 1800's talking about new technologies is it really reliable?

Does it cover the right subject? Is it supported by other evidence or articles? Is the material even new?

Is the author biased? Meaning, does he prefer one idea/concept more than another? If so, is it acknowledged?

Who, or what, was this written for? Did the author aim it towards people with basic/extensive knowledge on the subject? Does it suit your needs?

Did (s)he cite her sources, and are they reputable sources? Does the author include citations, footnotes, a bibliography?

Verify the authors credentials, is (s)he trustworthy? Does (s)he have expertise in the subject?

T= Timeliness

C= Coverage

E= Evenness

P= Purpose

S= Sources

A= Authority


Did (s)he cite sources?

Who was it made for?