Website Evaluation

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Website Evaluation by Mind Map: Website Evaluation

1. P: Purposes- Know why this website was written. Is this aimed at a specific audience? Is the research too basic or too advance?

2. S: Sources- Does this author have documented resources? Does the site have a list of references? Can you contact them to verify these statements?

3. C: Coverage- Is it relevant to the URL? Does it have to do with what it claims? Does the description of the website leave out important details? Is there a description at all?

4. E: Evenness- Do they recognize other point-of-views? Are these statements bias? If so, is it acknowledge?

5. Why Evaluate?

5.1. Because anyone can put anything online.

6. When evaluating there is something you should always follow...

6.1. A.S.P.E.C.T

7. A: Authority- Verify the author. What kind of credentials does he or she have? Do they have expertise in this area of topic? What other books, or websites is this author mentioned in?

8. T: Timeliness- When was this website written? Is the date appropriate for topic? Always check for the last updated post. This will tell you if it is recent or not. I would not recommend using a topis that hasn't been updated since 2001.

9. When evaluating make sure the site clearly states the following criteria--- Authority... Accuracy... Bias-----Make sure the authority/ author is clearly stated. Make sure the information is accurate, and make sure the site isn't bias.