Sport Psycology

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Sport Psycology by Mind Map: Sport Psycology

1. Martin Hagger

1.1. Contrasting approaches

1.1.1. may play apart in their preparation

1.1.2. dont to over confidance

1.2. Set goals

1.2.1. keep repeat routines

1.2.2. set a sub-goals

1.3. Boost self confidance

1.3.1. have blueprint to follow

1.3.2. get positives feed-back froam friend & coaches

2. Ken Dickinson

2.1. Learn from the best

2.1.1. dont easily give up

2.1.2. make it happens

2.2. Steadfastness on practice

2.2.1. challange ourself

2.2.2. always get motivated

2.3. built confidance

2.3.1. make a personal best

2.3.2. imagine successful