Four Stages of Cognitive Development

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Four Stages of Cognitive Development by Mind Map: Four Stages of Cognitive Development

1. Sensorimotor Stage

1.1. Birth to about 2 years old

1.1.1. Children learn about the through their senses Children learn more about and discover more objects

2. Preoperational Stage

2.1. Ages 2 to 7

2.1.1. Children use a lot of imagination and start developing memory At this age children understand the difference or ideas between past and future

3. Concrete Operational Stage

3.1. Ages 7 to 11

3.1.1. Children become more aware of different events and feelings of others They begin to understand that people do not share feelings, beliefs or thoughts

4. Formal Operational Stage

4.1. Ages 11 and up

4.1.1. Children are able to problem solve They can view the world around them and they know how to plan for the future