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VC/PE for [email protected] by Mind Map: VC/PE for India@100

1. Areas to Focus: Tough problems for Ātmanirbhartā

1.1. Focus Areas

1.1.1. Health

1.1.2. Sab ka Saath Divyang Garibi Hatao

1.1.3. GHG Net Zero

1.1.4. Water

1.1.5. Security Defense Surveillance InfoSec

1.1.6. Agri

1.1.7. Aerospace

1.2. Encourage Target Industries with CVC for the core areas

1.3. FoFs for developmental initiatives with 2X requirements for sector investment

1.4. Pension Pool of India to 25% GDP

2. Base of Capital

2.1. Dignfied Retirement

2.2. Charitable India

2.2.1. CE to grow corpus via AIFs

2.3. Strong FIs

2.3.1. Insurance Pools

2.4. Capital for Business

2.4.1. FOs

3. Frictionless Scaling

3.1. SpecificTax Regime for AIFs

3.1.1. Specific Provisions for Carried Interest GST Direct Tax LTCG

3.2. M&As Tax efficient

3.3. Unified LTCG rate for all Equities

4. New Force for India in the world

4.1. Indian Fund Managers to expand to Africa

4.1.1. Expand IFSC programmes to Mumbai, Bengalururu

5. Startups Scale

5.1. ESOPs as Capital

5.1.1. Tax(unlisted). ESOPs on sale only

5.2. More Startup focussed FoFs

5.3. Encourage Debt Funds for scaling

5.3.1. RBI rules

5.4. No Cap Gains for Startup LTCG if reinvested in StartUps for five years

5.5. Make NGP participation easy / incentivised for MFs

6. Talent for Fund Management

6.1. Mandate Internships and Summer Programmes

6.2. Overseas NRIs internships via Embassies