Depression in Children

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Depression in Children by Mind Map: Depression in Children

1. Stress

1.1. life changing event

1.1.1. death in family Sibling or parent

1.1.2. family relocation Moving away from friends or family

1.2. family dynamic

1.2.1. happy marriage vs unhappy marriage

1.2.2. does the child feel involved in the family

1.2.3. Can the child be themself around family

1.3. children playing caregiver roles

1.3.1. does the child have more responsibilities than a child should have

1.3.2. Are they being a child or a parent's support person

2. Social Aspects

2.1. friend circle

2.1.1. do they have supportive friends

2.1.2. Do they get to see their friends

2.2. student involvement

2.2.1. musical instruments

2.2.2. clubs

2.2.3. sports

2.3. school

2.3.1. grades

2.3.2. someone at home to support

2.3.3. do teachers help this student

3. Health

3.1. Short Term Health Problem

3.1.1. Broken bone

3.1.2. Cold

3.2. Long Term Health Problem

3.2.1. Diabetes

3.2.2. Asthma

3.2.3. Isolation

3.3. Traumatic event

3.3.1. Car accedient

3.3.2. Burns on body

3.3.3. Body disfigurement

3.3.4. loss of limb

4. How they see themselves

4.1. Parents

4.1.1. Are parents promoting self worth

4.1.2. Build confidence in your children

4.1.3. Help them if they are struggling

4.1.4. Include them in family activities

4.2. Peers

4.2.1. How are other peers treating them

4.2.2. Do tjhey feel included or left out of friend groups

4.2.3. Is bullying taking place

4.2.4. Di they feel liked