Crime Vocabulary

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Crime Vocabulary by Mind Map: Crime Vocabulary

1. Criminology

1.1. It is a social, interdisciplinary and autonomous science that has four objects of study, namely: crime, the criminal, the victim and the social control of crime.

2. Philosophers

2.1. A philosopher is generally a qualified professional in the field.

3. Freedom

3.1. Freedom in the broad sense is the human capacity to act of one's own free will

4. Peacefully

4.1. With peace and quiet; without opposition or contradiction.

5. Breaks

5.1. Pause is a metric concept that refers to a small inflection

6. Pay

6.1. Giving a person an amount of money or something else that is owed to him, either in exchange for something, or for a service or work he has performed.

7. Punishments

7.1. El castigo es una sanción o pena impuesta a una comunidad o individuo que causa molestias o padecimientos

8. Limitations

8.1. The action of establishing or setting the limits of something.

9. Criminals

9.1. it is an improper or reprehensible action, generally a serious crime such as the willful act of killing or seriously injuring someone

10. Burglars

10.1. Thief is one who steals or steals.

11. Robbers

11.1. Thief is one who steals or steals.

12. Thieves

12.1. Thief is one who steals or steals. It is, therefore, a person who commits a crime, since stealing and stealing are crimes punishable by law.

13. Shoplifters

13.1. A shoplifter is someone who steals money or goods from a store while it is open.

14. Pickpockets

14.1. A pickpocket is a criminal who specializes in stealing pocket wallets and other objects that are usually carried in pockets or purses, without violence and with the necessary skill to avoid being detected his act in the moments immediately after the fact.

15. Kidnappers

15.1. A kidnapping, also known as a crime against liberty, is a crime that consists of illegally depriving a person or group of people of liberty, usually for a period of time.

16. Laws

16.1. It is a set of principles and norms generally inspired by ideas of justice and order, which regulate human relations in every society and whose observance is coercively imposed by a public power

17. Death penalty

17.1. The death penalty consists of causing the death of a person sentenced by the State, as punishment for committing a crime established in the legislation