Frankenstein and Blade Runner

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Frankenstein and Blade Runner by Mind Map: Frankenstein and Blade Runner

1. Ideas

1.1. Replicants - Isolation

1.2. Replicants - Revenge

1.3. Unnatural? - Replicants

1.4. Created Life - Tyrell Corporation

1.5. New node

2. Frankenstein

2.1. Themes

2.1.1. Taking responsibility for actions is important

2.1.2. Feelings of Vengeance can leads to one's downfall

2.1.3. Too much knowledge can be dangerous. Creation of dangerous creatures designed for a task without considering consequences

2.1.4. Effects of nature vs. Nurture are important. Replicants and the Creature both have a creator, Tyrell Corp and Frankenstein. Both have humanlike qualities, but because of lack of nurture became rebellious. Both Replicants and the Creature have to live on their own. Victor ignores the creature

2.1.5. Loneliness can lead people to do dangerous things.

3. Blade Runner

3.1. Themes

4. New node