Blade Runner & Frankenstein Themes

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Blade Runner & Frankenstein Themes by Mind Map: Blade Runner &  Frankenstein  Themes

1. Man vs God

1.1. People playing God by trying to create and alternate form of life

1.2. Blade Runner

1.2.1. The replicants represent the theme of man vs god as they created alternate humans taht were like humans in almost every way except they either didnt have or couldnt control their emotions which caused problems for the people around them and their creators Creating alternate forms of life is unatural and will most certainly have nothing but serious consequences no matter how human like they are they will never be truly human

1.3. Frankenstein

1.3.1. Victor played God by creating the creature and abonding it which caused both him and his family friends lots like when the creature kills his wife and his younger brother These problems who that when people try to play god that there will be nothing but trouble

2. Important Characters from Blade Runner

2.1. Deckard The detective who is trying to clean up the mess of the people who created these replicants

2.1.1. Rachel New node

3. Important Characters from Frankenstein

3.1. Victor Frankenstein